Commercial Roofing sheds

We provide customized Terrace Roofing sheds to our clients with appropriate rain water down spouts. Roofing done area can be used for commercial usages like office, schools and roof pent house with partitions etc.,

Service Overview

Color Galvalume roofing sheets.

Galvalume roofing sheets are special for their properties of high corrosion resistant and strength. Manufactured using advanced, fully automated & high precision machinery, our galvalume roofing sheets undergo strict quality testing's. High quality, width and strength are the hallmarks of galvalume sheets. The bottom of these sheets would be white in color. These are widely used for commercial buildings, homes, factories, farm houses, resorts, etc., These are available with 6 curves and are very heavy.

Polycarbonate profiled sheets

It is engineering designed and they are made using a high quality technology and they are made using superior quality materials which make the product very durable and efficient. These products are thoroughly  tested before they are put up for selling in the market and it is ensured that the products fulfill the quality parameters which are adhered to by the company. These products are available at market leading prices and they are extremely affordable.

Features –Reliable; Sturdy; Weather resistant


Polycarbonate embossed and compact sheet

Non-breakable, easy to fit and attractive.

Used for gates, partitions and many other usages.

Polycarbonate multi wall

Polycarbonate Sheets are notable for their characteristics of Non breakability, non-flammability and self extinguishing properties. They are quite transparent, flexible and can be cut to different sizes. Being an amorphous resin, polycarbonate sheets offer a combination of mechanical, optical, thermal, and electrical properties offered separately by metals, glass and other plastics.

Turbo ventilator with FRP base
Circular ventilators fabricated with Galvalume sheet or SS with Variable dia. These ventilators are fixed on roof top and rotate with the help of natural wind. This is an important component for air ventilation in industrial buildings. Turbo ventilators help to circulate fresh air into homes, commercial or industrial buildings. Though uncompromised in quality, turbo ventilators are reasonably priced. These are capable of expelling hot air from the insides of buildings. Available models are Bottom FRB transparent and non- transparent models in 24 inches and 20 inches.
Terrace Roofing
We provide customized Terrace Roofing to our clients with appropriate down spouts. Roofing done area can be used for commercial usage like office, schooling and roof pent house etc.,

Fasteners / Self Thread screws

Premium high-corrosion resistant screws along with their bonded EPDM seals form the best fastener system fasteners are used to create non-permanent joints; that is, joints that can be removed or dismantled without damaging the joining components.


Gutters prevent water ingress into the fabric of the building by channeling the rainwater away from the exterior of the walls and their foundations. Water running down the walls causes dampness in the affected rooms and provides a favorable environment for growth of mould, and wet rot in timber.

The advantage of stainless steel is durable, not rust, easy to clean, nice appearance, compared with the ordinary concrete gutter, the stainless steel gutter will produce the extension effect with the temperature rising, in some local positions due to the stress can not be completely released there will be some deformation phenomenon, which will cause phenomenon of water ponding, for these locations with the up and down motion less than 10mm generally does not affect the use of gutter.


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